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Gorilla offers many possibilities for printing on you garment. From simple one color discharge prints to complex simulated process jobs we can bring your design to life. These are some of the printing options we provide:

  • Screen Printing up to 8 spot colors
  • Simulated Process Printing
  • Index Printing
  • Water Base and Discharge Printing
  • Metallics and Glow in the Dark Printing
  • Contract Printing
  • Private Relabelling
  • Hang Tags, Barcode Stickers, and Poly Bags

If you have any questions please call or email us. We print on many locations including inside tags, sleeves, and side prints. Gorilla offers many printing options regarding design placement and printing style.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is a printmaking technique that creates a sharp-edged image using a stencil. Printers around the world use the term spot color to mean any color generated by a non-standard ink; such as metallic, fluorescent, or custom hand-mixed inks. The opposite of process inks. Essentially, spot-color separations are colors that are not used to create other colors.

Simulated Process Printing

Artwork is created using half tone dots which combine to create the full spectrum of colors needed for photographic prints – this means a large number of colors can be printed using only 4 to 6 screens, making the set-up costs viable. The inks are required to blend and are more translucent, meaning a compromise with vibrancy of color. Therefore, usually  6 screens are required at least. On dark shirts even more screens may be required and that process is know as Simulated Process Printing. However, Simulated Process Printing may be done on light garments as well with more consistent results.

Index Printing

Artwork is created using square dots instead of the halftone used in process printing. Each dot in an index separation is actually one square pixel, and the colors fit next to each other like a checker-board. The big advantage of this in screen printing is a reduction in dot gain. Very opaque colors are printed next to each other, not on top of one another as they are in process-color printing.

Water Base and Discharge Printing

Water based and discharge inks are a good choice when the soft feel of the shirt is desirable. This result is often used as the main argument for why water based and discharge is preferable to plastisol as plastisol has more of a plastic feel. However, with both water base and discharge inks the complete finished result is not achieved until after the garment is first laundered.

Water base ink is used to print dark colors on lighter garments, while discharge ink is used to print lighter colors onto dark garments. Discharge works by removing the dye in the garment – this means it leaves a much softer texture. They are less graphic in nature than plastisol inks, and exact Pantone Numbers can be difficult to control but not impossible. But especially good for distressed and vintage prints. However, GSP cannot guarantee exact Pantone matching due to the dyeing process of the garment. Some brands are very good at discharge such as American Apparel and Gildan, while others are not. Please note that 100% cotton works the best for discharge. 50/50 cotton/poly and tri-blends do not. Please see special pricing for both water base and discharge printing.

Metallic and Glow in the Dark Printing

Please contact us for any specialized prints you might want to achieve. We offer both water base and plastisol inks.

Contract Printing

Clients provide the garments to be printed on but please contact us first. Minimum order is 36 garments up to 40,000 plus. Please contact us.

Private Relabelling

GSP offers two ways to relabel your shirt. Printing the label inside the shirt or sewing in a new one. Both ways require us to remove the current stitched label. Please contact us if you are interested.

Hang Tags, Barcode Stickers, and Poly Bags

To get your garments ready for market may require the use hang tags, barcodes, and poly bags. We offer these services together or individually. Please contact us if you need any additional services.