February 26th, 2016

A few years back we started creating our own half tones instead of letting our print software do it.
This shirt we did this week is a great example of getting four shades of grey out of one.
IMG_1309 IMG_1308

February 26th, 2016


Sub Pop had us do some kids shirts for them and they always come out amazing and super clean!


February 15th, 2016


Check out some of the new Factory 43 designs! Super creative. All are either discharge or waterbase.

IMG_1292  IMG_1290


February 15th, 2016

The guys over at NW Riders, reprinted some classics and have a few new ones. One is there logo with the famous “GUM WALL” as the backgound.

There other, is a pocket print that came out super crisp. Check them out, there going to have a   lot of new designs in the coming months.


February 11th, 2016

Sub pop ordered some tees for Low last year and I love the way the owl came out.

Simple clean art, but looks amazing on a shirts. Check out Low here.


February 4th, 2016


Our local stomping ground Hooverville,  is celebrating there 10 year, and we whipped up a batch of shirts for there birthday!

When we got the art it was pretty low resolution, but It really worked when we got it on press.

February 2nd, 2016


Check out our new signage that Rainier industries made for us for our anniversary! They did a amazing job and knocked it out of the park.

We started in a small dungeon of a basement down the street from where we are now and every year we have grown because of amazing clients and amazing prints!

Thank you for all the support and here’s to the next ten years!!!

February 2nd, 2016


Two beers and Seattle cider have been doing shirts with us for a few years now. Great chill company to work with and always great Shirt designs.

Here are a few, discharge print and plastisol on the hoodie.
Check em out!!!!

January 28th, 2016



Grundens is another company we have been working

with the last few years. There doing a new mulit-color state design and it looks really awesome and clean.

January 20th, 2016

IMG_1249IMG_1248Sub Pop sent over another awesome reprint for Mudhoneys last album. This design always

reminds me of when they played on top of the space needle. Sub Pop is one of our first

big clients that gave us a chance. It will be our 10yr anniversary next month! DAMN

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