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About Us

Located in downtown Seattle but serving the world Gorilla Screen Printing offers our clients a range of options in screen printing and excels at customer service.

From simple one color t-shirts to process printed apparel, Gorilla offers everything from plastisol to discharge and environmentally friendly, water base inks. We can provide any piece of apparel or textile needed to get the job done. We pride ourselves on skill and innovation and always researching for the next best thing, including printing style's, techniques, and the freshest apparel. From our minimum order of 36 pieces to unlimited pieces we provide the experience you need to develop your garment. Give us a call, if we can't do it, we can help you find the company that can.


GSP offers both plastisol and water base inks. For plastisol ink, we only use QCM, the worlds leading manufacturer of phthalate free plastisol screen printing inks. QCM's commitment is to direct the development of ink technology to even higher levels of renewable and recyclable capabilities. QCM products contain no heavy metals, voc's, or phthalates, which are often associated with the printing industry. From the very beginning, the QCM's plastisol raw material selection has always avoided the use of heavy metals and solvents, earning a classification as 100% Non-Toxic.
We only use Matsui, Inc's 301 Eco Series for all of our water base and discharge inks. The 301 Eco Series Inks manufactured by Matsui contains no harmful chemicals or toxic substances as known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Both QCM for our plastisol inks and Matsui for our water base and discharge inks are by far the safest inks used in production today.